Opto-Electronic Advances

Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS
CN  : 51-1781/TN
ISSN: 2096-4579

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Focus and Coverage
Opto-Electronic Advances seeks to publish top-quality review articles, original papers and letters covering the wide range of optics and opto-electronics, from theoretical advancement in basic physics to technological breakthrough in engineering applications.
Main topics include:
• Light sources and sensors
• Optoelectronics
• Nanophotonics
• Plasmonics and metamaterials
• Optical imaging
• Biophotonics and biomedical optics
• Nonlinear optics and ultrafast photonics
• Optical communications
• Photovoltaics
CN: 51-1781/TN    ISSN: 2096-4579
About the Editors
Editor-in-chief: Prof. Xiangang Luo(Institute of Optics and Electronics,CAS)
Executive Editor-in-chief: Prof. Minghui Hong(National University of Singapore)
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Opto-Electronic Advances is the open-access journal providing rapid publication for peer-reviewed articles that emphasize scientific and technology innovations in all aspects of optics and opto-electronics.
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